Current idea is optimized based on management attitudes so merchandise that appropriate with customer's demand is produced by using of the high-grade primary material (including textile and color) and also specialized manpower at a completely dynamic environment. The purpose of this idea is taking advantage of ghalamkari textiles handicrafts production. Unfortunately this industry has not developed for many years and even it had stepped down in terms of quality and quantity. This industry would promote by combination of this art-industry to innovated patterns of other handicrafts-mechanical (such as leather, wood, clothing and etc. industries). So production volume and the level of quality will promote in this way. To realize this object, various sciences are used to develop this artistic-economic situation. Also it would prepare conditions to employ experts. The production of this artistic field provided widely demands of daily needful before, now it has some usages that match with modern societies' demands. There are some considerations to produce the high quality products such as; choosing proper textile material for various usage, using sunfast colors that have more stability, utilizing combination of patterns which are more compatibility with modern society by helping experts. Ghalamkari was being performed by using special pens before and now it performs in the same way. So it would revert to its classical artistic form. In this way there is possibility to use Iranian products such as decorative frames, table cloth, coverlet, (bed linen and pillow case) curtain, sofa, jacket, bag, shoes… and it helps to decrease using similar imported products.

(Photo: BeSun vision about ghalamkari handicraft art)

The producer of Iranian precious handicrafts and antiquary Ghalamkari of Isfahan.


Atelier & Market Add.: "Be Sun" Art-Knowledge Based Org., Unit 3003, 3rd Floor,T.B.C, Isfahan city-center, Iran.