"Be sun's" Features of market- product

Esfahan has a high position in terms of tourist attraction and geographical location and also architecture and handicrafts. For this reason Esfahan is attracted for travelers and art lovers and it is caused to prepare employment. In the Safavid era of Iran, Gheysarieh Bazar had appertained to produce ghalammkari. Therefore, expansion of this production can prepare job opportunity for enthusiasts by helping an integrated program. Particularly at these days that the situation for foreign tourist is more suitable for presence in Iran, handicrafts will more attractive to tourists. By considering the defects that have caused this activity for several years, for example lack of attention to market daily needs and lack of using methods that increase the benefits and eliminate them, it can prepare an opportunity to create ideal conditions for offering products. Opportunities such as constant updating the primary materials by utilizing from new technologies from different fields (Chemistry, Textiles, Material...) and responding to customers' tastes by involving various sciences (Management, Art, Psychology, Sociology…). While these products has artistic value, they have the ability for using in different types of usages.

The most important distinction of produced ghalamkari textile is utilizing of proper high level primary materials and designing classical patterns on the organic textile. It becomes a competitive preference in terms of quality of production and also response to market demands. Other competitive preference that can mention includes; to attempt communication to customer, to obey market basics, utilizing technical-artistic knowledge at the same time, creating variety in usage of products and appropriate with customer's taste. The strength points at this business are utilizing the experts, product innovation and using classical patterns, having employment history (Brand), learning opportunities, standardization of production process, ability to produce completely native production from primary materials to final stage and supply of product and utilizing natural materials in produced products.

Using of completely organic textiles (100% cotton) with appropriate density and delicate texture, Utilizing colors with light stability minimum 4 and washing and rubbing stability minimum 3 (in accordance with Iran's national standard 7729),
Producing ghalamkari manually by hands and using special pens right in the same way produced before in 5 colors with minimum 200 meters length for each one,
Choosing composition and structure of patterns based on their artistic correct way.


The producer of Iranian precious handicrafts and antiquary Ghalamkari of Isfahan.


Atelier & Market Add.: "Be Sun" Art-Knowledge Based Org., Unit 3003, 3rd Floor,T.B.C, Isfahan city-center, Iran.