"Be Sun's" Brand Story

Maybe it is better to start much earlier time when Ghalamkari in particular was considered in the Safavid era. By selecting Isfahan as the capital of the empire in the Shah Abbas period and thriving art and handicrafts, Ghalamkari art reached its peak value and quality and after many ups and downs throughout the ages, have different record levels in recent decades. Since 2015, "Be Sun" began by eight founding meeting assuming promotion of the art of Ghalamkari as gold Iranian handicrafts. This company is the first collection of art in the form of a knowledge-based company that relies on the talent and creativity of human capital and some of its members have benefited professional backgrounds of their family  (Akhavan Chitsazzadeh).

"Be Sun" has sought to make sense of the unity and oneness of distinction among its contacts. On the other hand in picking out the meaning like the sun (Be sun), always is looking for stability and widespread in the world like golden rays of the sun and it's wide light.

"Be Sun", who is the representative team of Iranian art and culture, is established to restore the original Ghalamkari and providing the art-loving public expectations of today's society that is ignored among the similar and poor quality products. This company is trying to be several steps ahead of its competitors by producing the unique products and keeping quality in the high levels.


The producer of Iranian precious handicrafts and antiquary Ghalamkari of Isfahan.


Atelier & Market Add.: "Be Sun" Art-Knowledge Based Org., Unit 3003, 3rd Floor,T.B.C, Isfahan city-center, Iran.